Friday, May 04, 2007

#42 - Wan2Tlk?: Ltl Bk of Txt Msgs

Title: Wan2Tlk?: Ltl Bk of Txt Msgs
Author: Gabrielle Mander
My Area of Interest: I love books wrote as txts, emails, letters, blogs, etc., and I thought from the title this would be one of those.
Finished 5/4/07 - It wasn't one of those books. Turns out that it is just a book with the meanings of some of the symbols like for a cat }:-X or ^,,^ & stuff like A$Lkr (Ass licker). Handy little book. I don't think I'll ever really use all the short hand stuff, but I'm gonna keep it to remember how to do the rose and cat and stuff.

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