Wednesday, June 03, 2009

11 - Playing with Fire

Title: Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1)

Author: Katie MacAlister

My Area of Interest: Fav. author, and loved the Aishling series.. so I wanted to give this a go, as I love all her paranormal stuff!

Finished 06/02/09 - oh really good!!! I'm so glad Aishling is in this one as well.. helps with the Ash fix, and I get to become addicted to someone new as well. ;) I really like how the new series is intermixed with the Ash one. I was a bit worried it wouldn't quite be like it is. I'm just loving how it is just like a continuation of the Ash series sorta... It's kinda like it started with Ash, then when the Ash series was over, she picked back up the series with another May and the Silver Dragons. Love, love, LOVE how she did that!

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