Friday, November 29, 2013

89 - Grace

My Area of Interest: Picked this one up for the Christmas read-a-thon
Finished 11/29/13 - Good lord, does someone have to die at Christmas in every one of his books?  This one was a little hard to read, just because the thought of someone hurting a child enrages and saddens me at the same time.  Never understood how someone could hurt a child, never will.  On a somewhat bright note on the book, the beginning has the story of the matchstick girl by Hans Christian Anderson.  While that is a sad story too, the reason I was glad to find it was it went with the book series Jordan and I had been reading, "The Sisiters Grimm", neither of us knew the story until today.  I also have one more book by Richard Paul Evans, I'm guessing the guy only writes Christmas books, I just hope I don't cry thru the next one as well.  I would like to get his done and out of the way so I can maybe get to HAPPY Christmas books.

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