Friday, February 07, 2014

17 - Clarice Bean Spells Trouble (Clarice Bean #6)

Title:Clarice Bean Spells Trouble (Clarice Bean #6)
My Area of Interest:Jordan picked it out and I thought she read it, but she said she really didn't get into it that much
Finished 02/05/14 -It was ok, didn't know it was a series, and I'm sure at the time Jordan didn't know either.  The book kind of went along as Clarice would think, bit of a different angle, and that may be why Jordan gave up on it.  I thought it was a good book.  Another reason why Jordan may have had issues with it, that I never thought about was that it was a British book.  She wouldn't have understood trotters instead of pigs feet, along with other common sayings.  With how good the book turned out, I'm a little surprised she gave up on it, then again she is in the middle of Percy Jackson books, so I understand.

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